Many new car owners are still being confused by dealerships and oil changes places regarding how long they can go on their oil change. This is occurring even as car manufactures are recommending oil changes out past 10,000 miles  or 16,000 KM.
If you are one of these confused motorists you have come to the right place. Today we are going to dispel once and for all the 3000 mile oil change and your vehicle warranty.
Even if you are using conventional motor oil, todays name brand oils are designed for oil changes past 3,000 miles, but realize what a covnetional oil can do and a synthetic oil can do many times better. Synthetics provide better start-up protection, better high temperature protection, better volatility and anti-sludge protection and even longer drain intervals.
From a fellow AMSOIL dealers facebook page:

It still amazes me how the dealerships and quick lubes still push the 3,000 mile oil change even with the manufactures moving to longer oil drain intervals. A recent conversation with a good customer of mine really raises my blood pressure. They recently purchased a new pickup and was told by the dealership to avoid warranty denial they must change their oil every 3,000 miles regardless if it is AMSOIL or not. This is not an isolated case by any means. The lack of knowledge in this area is apparent, many of the dealerships and quick lubes I spoke with were not aware (or claimed not to be) of the fact that most OEM’s recommend changing per the on board oil life monitor with no or little mention of mileage. The use of AMSOIL during your warranty period will not affect your warranty. Please contact me with questions.

The first step for a person who wishes to better understand the proper drain interval is to look no further that your vehicles owners manual. Most newer cars will have a recommended oil change interval of 5,000-7,500 miles or longer.
Next determine the type of oil recommended. Most domestic and Asian manufactures use the API (American Petroleum Institute) specifications. European automotive manufactures have their own internal specification or else they will also recommend the API sometimes as well.
To get the highest performance, protection and longevity out of your vehicle, be sure to use a motor oil that meets or exceeds the recommended specification in the owners manual.

Going beyond the the owners manual on oil change recommendations.

While very few manufactures specify oil changes over 10,000 miles that doesn’t mean you can’t do it and be perfectly fine.  If you are concerned about your warranty don’t be. Warranties are in place to protect consumers from manufactures defects and workmanship. The brand of oil and how long you go will not necessarily void your warranty.

The key to extended oil change intervals is choosing a high quality oil and filter.

The importance of using good-quality oil in an engine cannot be overstated. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils consistently outperform conventional and other synthetic oils in virtually every category of performance, including wear protection, extreme high- and low-temperature performance, foam control, viscosity retention, rust and corrosion protection, volatility and fuel economy. While other brands may provide good performance in some of these areas, AMSOIL synthetic motor oils consistently perform at the top in every category. Drivers can have confidence knowing that AMSOIL synthetic motor oils provide maximum performance and protection.
The oil filter is also very important. AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters (EaO, Ea15K) have one of the best efficiency ratings in the automotive market providing a filtering efficiency of 98.7 percent at 20 microns.
Now getting past the 3,000 mile oil change interval isn’t so difficult. But, you say what about my warranty.
Lets explore some facts about warranties and oil changes.

AMSOIL Warranty Secure

AMSOIL Warranty Secure

It is against Federal law for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to deny warranty coverage based on the brand of lubricant used. The Warranty Secure symbol informs consumers of this fact. Using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in place of OEM-branded lubricants, or practicing extended drain intervals when using AMSOIL lubricants, does not void new vehicle or equipment manufacturer warranties.
According to the Federal Trade Commission:
The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act makes it illegal for companies to void your warranty or deny coverage under the warranty simply because you used an aftermarket or recycled part…. The manufacturer or dealer must show that the aftermarket or recycled part caused the need for repairs before denying warranty coverage. ( (emphasis added)
Will extending oil change intervals void my warranty?
No. Extending oil change intervals will not void new vehicle warranties. To affect the vehicle warranty, it must be determined that the lubricant was directly responsible for the failure; if the oil didn’t cause the problem, the warranty cannot be voided, regardless of brand or length of time in use.
If decide you would like the best protection that money can buy, using AMSOIL in your new vehicle will not affect your warranty.
When choosing a motor oil and oil change interval beyond 3,000 miles it’s great to know that AMSOIL has you covered. Maybe you want to stick with the longer oil change in the owner manual or bump it up to 10,000 miles or even change your oil once a year. AMSOIL has a synthetic motor oil for you.
Choose your Drain Interval

Choose your Drain Interval

For more information about your vehicle or equipment warranty or to purchase AMSOIL products for your vehicles and equipment contact me.

Michael Sparks
AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants