AMSOIL Retail Accounts or Retail on the Shelf Accounts are businesses that buy AMSOIL at wholesale and retail them to the public. Many folks just want to buy a few products from their local store. We offer factory direct pricing for legitimate business owners.

Where can a customer purchase AMSOIL Products? Potential customers often search for AMSOIL Products they need through retail outlets. Retail outlets who sign up for AMSOIL Retail On-The-Shelf Accounts make the sale to these customers and lock in a very profitable AMSOIL product line.

Benefits Of Opening a Retail Account

  • Buy direct
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Excellent Profitability
  • Freight Discounts
  • Optional credit line
  • Toll-free and Internet Ordering
  • Technical Support
  • Advertising co-op program

Quality Products Command a Quality Price…

People are willing to pay more for premium products, and AMSOIL is widely known as the premier producer of synthetic lubricants. With markup levels at 30-35%, store owners realize higher profits with AMSOIL products.

Full Line of Quality Products…

A complete product line from AMSOIL ensures that customers will find what they are looking for. With everything from advanced filtration systems to Multi-Purpose Spray Grease, AMSOIL makes products to satisfy nearly every lubrication need. In addition, AMSOIL has created strategic corporate partnerships to provide other top-quality automobile products like Mothers® polishes and waxes and Trico® wiper blades, creating more opportunity for sales.

AMSOIL Products are in Demand…

Sales of AMSOIL products have never been higher. Vehicles are requiring more superior products, and customers are looking for the best performance available. AMSOIL products provide unsurpassed protection and performance, and is recognized worldwide as the leader in the motor oil industry.

Limited Availability…

AMSOIL products are not available everywhere. AMSOIL is distributed by independent Dealers, and won’t ever be found in giant retail chain stores. AMSOIL limits its sales to accounts with less than 12 outlets to protect small stores from large competitors and predatory pricing. Carrying AMSOIL can give store owners an edge over the competition.

Advertising Support…

AMSOIL provides national advertising support with commercials, promotional literature and more. AMSOIL ads appear in over 150 national publications yearly. AMSOIL also offers a Co-op Advertising Program for retail accounts. Co-op credits are earned according to the amount of AMSOIL products purchased each year. Co-op credits can be redeemed for print and broadcast advertising featuring AMSOIL products, or for AMSOIL literature and promotional material. For more information on the AMSOIL Co-op Program, consult the G-1071 Retail Account Co-op Credit Order Form.

If you are a commercial business that would like to buy AMSOIL for your vehicles and equipment please visit the Commercial Accounts page.

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