The best way to buy AMSOIL is to buy wholesale. There are several options to work direct with AMSOIL in order to receive “factory direct” pricing.

Option #1. Become an AMSOIL preferred customer. This would be like a Sam’s Club or Costco type of account. Pay a fee and get a discount. See the preferred Customer page.  Preferred Customers Buy Wholesale

Option # 2 Commercial Accounts. Commercial accounts are business owners that would like to use AMSOIL in their vehicles and equipment. These customers could be farmers, lawn and landscape, fleet accounts, trucking companies, construction, and Industrial customers. See the commercial page. Commercial Accounts

Option #3 Retail on the Shelf Accounts. “ROTS” accounts are businesses that would buy AMSOIL at wholesale to resell on the shelf. Motorcycle shops, quick lubes, autoparts stores etc. See the ROTS account page. AMSOIL ROTS

Option #4 Become an AMSOIL Independent Dealer. AMSOIL Dealerships buy at wholesale as well as earn commission on all the products they purchase and the products that they recommend to others. AMSOIL Dealers can register others as customers.  AMSOIL Dealership

As your servicing dealer I pledge my support and service to help you get the most out of using AMSOIL products. For fastest service please call me directly.

Michael Sparks- AMSOIL Dealer / Direct Jobber