Many people are looking for AMSOIL in your local area but cannot find it. This has been a recurring problem. Good news is that you can now locate AMSOIL using the AMSOIL Buy Local Dealer directory.

We built this directory with you in mind. Supporting local small business is one of our top priorities. AMSOIL has been helping entrepreneurs and business owners since 1972 when they became the first synthetic lubricant to meet the API requirements for automotive use. Since then AMSOIL has gone on to develop and manufacture a wide range of synthetic lubricants and related products for all types of uses.

Check out our AMSOIL Buy Local Dealer Directory here

If these businesses don’t have what you are looking for you can contact me directly and I will help you get the products you want. Michael Sparks-AMSOIL Dealer / Direct Jobber. 931-801-9401





The AMSOIL Dealer and Retailer program

AMSOIL Offers two distinct programs for those that want to sell AMSOIL products. Many people don’t realize that AMSOIL offers a business opportunity for individuals that affords many benefits including the ability to stock and retailer products.

You can become an AMSOIL Dealer by clicking the joinamsoil link.

Retailer Program

Do you already have an established business with a retail location? Become part of the AMSOIL Retailer (aka Retail-On-The-Shelf) program. Any related business can register with a factory direct account with AMSOIL. Retailers include, auto parts stores like NAPA or other franchise/independently own business. Virtually any place that can install products or sell them to walk in customers qualifies to be part of the retailer program.

Attract High Value Customers

What is a high value customer? A high value customer is someone that is looking for and willing to purchase premium products or services. AMSOIL is known as the premium synthetic lubricants available. People that seek out AMSOIL products many times are looking for other premium products and services.

We’ve had some of our retailers tell us that people come from as far away as 70 miles to purchase AMSOIL from them. They gladly stock which products customers are asking for. Some retailers or installers stock products outside their normal customers. For instance we’ve seen small engine shops stock motorcycle oil and motorcycle shops stock diesel products.

Trying to decide on which type of account to register for? Check out the ROTS account and AMSOIL Business Opportunity pages.