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We’re Michael and Alecia Sparks! We’re authorized dealers of AMSOIL from Clarksville, Tennessee. We can drop ship AMSOIL to any location in the US and Canada. We are committed to you, the customer, as well as our team of AMSOIL dealers that stretch across the US & Canada.

We are your sponsors, mentors, and your friends. We would love to work with you to help you get the most out of AMSOIL products. We are dedicated to helping others succeed. Please look around and find out more about what we offer.

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Difference between 2 stroke and 4 stroke motor oil

AMSOIL TECH TALK What’s the difference between two- and four-stroke oil? Detergency and lubricity are a two-stroke oil’s two most important characteristics. Len Groom | AMSOIL Technical Product Manager - Powersports Most people know that two- and...

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Bearings and Gears and Cylinders Oh My!

AMSOIL manufactures top quality synthetic lubricants for many applications besides automotive. Understand that bearings, gears and cylinders need different formulated products. THERE'S A LUBE FOR THAT BEARINGS, GEARS, CYLINDERS - WE'RE TALKING INDUSTRIAL...

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6700 mile Motorcycle Trip and an AMSOIL Story

MAKING MEMORIES ON 6,700-MILE HARLEY* RIDE When you take a road trip on your Harley, you want to know it's going to make the trip. And there's nothing like a road trip to test the mettle of AMSOIL products. Dealer Todd Bleecker of Mayville, Wis. took that...

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