Attention Motorcyclists, AMSOIL has released a new product for you. Motorcycle Octane Boost is designed as a convenient one bottle per tank treatment for motorcyclists that desire more power and more efficient combustion especially in high temperature operations.
As a motorcyclist myself, I have always been concerned with performance in my

Michael Sparks Buell XB12x

Michael’s Buell

2006 Buell XB12X Ulysses. I have also been concerned about engine damage caused by pre-detonation (pinging). Anytime I ride in temperatures over 87 degrees I will get pinging especially on acceleration. The problem gets worse the higher the temperatures.
Of the other motorcycles that I’ve own, including a 1999 BMW R1100 and a 2002 Triumph Sprint ST both of those would have engine knock when riding in higher temperatures. Using a product like AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost will help reduce the change of engine damage.
AMSOIL Motocycle Octane Boost


AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost (MOB) increases octane up to three numbers for maximum power and efficiency. It is designed to improve startup performance and eliminate engine ping or knock for increased power at low-rpm operation. It contains detergents that help maintain cleanliness of combustion chambers and fuel delivery systems for optimum performance. At the recommended treat rate, it does not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors and is compatible with other AMSOIL fuel additives. Motorcycle Octane Boost is available in the U.S. only.

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  • Reduces engine knock*
  • Treat rate 1.3 oz. per gallon of fuel or one 4oz bottle per 4-6 gallons increases the octane of gasoline up to three numbers.
  • Cleans Harmful Deposits further improving performance
  • Improves Low-rpm Performance
  • Does not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors
  • Compatible with all other AMSOIL fuel additives

What is “engine knock” or “pinging”?

“Engine knock” is a reference to the sound made from an uncontrolled and early ignition of fuel in the combustion chamber. It causes a knocking or pinging sound, robs the engine of power and can cause catastrophic engine damage. Knock may be eliminated by increasing the fuel’s octane.
AMSOIL Motorcycle Octance Boost can be used in motorcycles, ATV’s, UTV’s, small engines, boats, and other equipment. Great for both Air and Water Cooled engines.

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