Several years ago AMSOIL produced a white paper on motorcycle oils. Testing in critical performance areas proved that AMSOIL makes the best lubricants for your motorcycle. If you have a Japanese  or European manufactured high revving engine or if you have a domestic V-twin you will get the best protection with AMSOIL.
The Motorcycle White Paper second addition is now out of print, sorry for the inconvenience (4/19/2012)

AMSOIL Motorcycle Oils are formulated to provide the highest protection and performance. Please visit the AMSOIL Online Store for more information

AMSOIL Motorcycle Oils are formulated with full synthetic base oils combined with the highest technology additive packages to provide the best in protection and performance.
To order AMSOIL Motorcycle oils in SAE 60, 10w30, 10w40 and 20w50 click on the images:
AMSOIL 10w40 Motorcycle OilAMSOIL 20w50 Motorcycle OilAMSOIL 10w30 Motorcycle OilAMSOIL SAE 60 Motorcycle Oil
The tests featured in the Motorcycle White Paper cover these areas:
1. An oil’s ability to meet the required viscosity grade of an application.
2. An oil’s ability to maintain a constant viscosity when exposed to changes in temperature.
3. An oil’s ability to retain its viscosity during use.
4. An oil’s ability to resist shearing forces and maintain its viscosity at elevated temperatures.
5. An oil’s zinc content.
6. An oil’s ability to minimize general wear.
7. An oil’s ability to minimize gear wear.
8. An oil’s ability to minimize deterioration when exposed to elevated temperatures.
9. An oil’s ability to resist volatilization when exposed to elevated temperatures.
10. An oil’s ability to maintain engine cleanliness and control acid corrosion.
11. An oil’s ability to resist foaming.
12. An oil’s ability to control rust corrosion.

The Bottom Line? AMSOIL comes in first in Overall performance. Testing first in any once performance characteristic does not mean an oil is best. First in one catagory and last in another will not give an over all cost to performance. AMSOIL Achieves a overall highest score by placing in the top 3 in most catagories.
Note the lowest placing scores for AMSOIL was 7 for viscosity index and 8 for pricing. The good news unless you are riding your motorcycle in below zero temperatures viscosity index is irrelevant.
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