I wanted to write a note about a Google search that I did the other day. I typed in AMSOIL and Scam in the search bar and clicked enter. I couldn’t believe how much information and mis-information is out there about AMSOIL relating to the fact that AMSOIL is a scam.
There are generally two reasons people think AMSOIL is a scam. One is that the marketing program AMSOIL uses and the other is the extended drain claims that AMSOIL makes. Lets break these down and explain that AMSOIL is indeed a high integrity company with outstanding products that deliver as promised.
Lets first talk about the claims that AMSOIL uses.
For instance, AMSOIL claims that you can go 25,000 miles or one year on an oil change. This claim seems unbelievable at first. I thought the same thing before I became an AMSOIL dealer in 1999. What I learned was that through testing, oil analysis and experience vehicles can go 1 year or 25,000 and in some cases longer on an oil change. AMSOIL uses the highest quality synthetic oil base stocks combined with the most technically advanced additive packages available. When comparing AMSOIL to the like of Mobil 1, Pennzoil, Royal Purple, Quaker State, Conoco Phillips, Chevron and other oil companies AMSOIL doesn’t spare expense in product development and performance. I’ve been told by one of AMSOIL’s additive suppliers that when a new additive package comes out, they go to AMSOIL first because AMSOIL wants to know how it will perform, regardless of cost.
AMSOIL provides both laboratory testing as well as real world testing before they release any product out onto the market. You can find some of the test brochures online.
For Instance take a look at these testing brochures.
AMSOIL Performance Tests
or The Motorcycle Oil White Paper
or The Gear Lube White Paper
All of the tests performed use ASTM testing procedures and are verified by independent laboratories. AMSOIL continually improves their products with the latest technology to gain the highest performance, cost savings, and overall economy out of your equipment.
The next area people have talked about is the marketing method that AMSOIL uses. AMSOIL products are sold through independent dealers though a Direct Sales or MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) program. Dealers earn commission based on product volume. There has been references that AMSOIL is involved with Amway which is untrue.. MLM has proven to be a legitimate and efficient form or distribution for products and services. Basically  AMSOIL products are sold through dealers through word of mouth or face to face sales. AMSOIL dealers also have the ability to work with business to business B2B customers through the AMSOIL Commercial and Retail-on-the-shelf programs. These AMSOIL B2b programs are unique in the industry. There are not other home based business companies that allow their distributors to work with business customers in this way. The AMSOIL business is a rock solid opportunity for anyone who wishes to work for themselves, but not by themselves.
Direct Sales or MLM has been around for more than 50 years. AMSOIL started in 1972 with this style of sales program. In recent times many large corporations and prominent people have sold products and recommended MLM as a method of distribution. Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, and even Bill Clinton have praised network marketing. AMSOIL has even teamed up with other automotive products manufactures like Trico Wiper Blades, NGK Spark Plugs, Mothers Car Care Products, Mann, Wix, and Donaldson Filters as well as Injen intake systems.
There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that AMSOIL is a legitimate company.
I have been an AMSOIL dealer since 1999. In that time I have helped many satisfied customers learn the benefits of using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. Over those years, AMSOIL products have kept getting better. I believe the future is bright for synthetic lubricants and AMSOIL Dealers.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about AMSOIL products or the AMSOIL business.
Michael Sparks-AMSOIL Dealer / Direct Jobber
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