Oil analysis is a great way to show the value of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. Oil analysis enables equipment owners to evaluate both the service life of their lubricants and the condition of their equipment, effectively maximizing profitability by helping safely extend drain intervals and properly schedule maintenance procedures.
AMSOIL offers oil analysis service from Oil Analyzers INC. (OAI). OAI offers the industry’s most complete analysis at a competitive (test-for-test comparison) price, while its experience with synthetic lubricants and extended drain intervals ensures the most accurate recommendations for AMSOIL users,
“Oil Analysis can be used prior to converting your commercial fleet over to AMSOIL. One would choose one or two vehicles for testing before, then after you change over to AMSOIL test again at the same interview,” said OAI Manager Allen Bender. As they say “The proof is in the pudding.”

OAI Benefits:


Monitoring the condition of the oil allows vehicle owners to optimize drain intervals so they capitalize on the fluids full service life. Performing fewer oil changes minimizes maintenance costs and maximizes uptime.


Monitoring system cleanliness and filtration efficiency can help your equipment last longer and significantly reduce replacement costs.


State of the Art fluid analysis identifies dirt, wear particles, fuel dilution, coolant and other contaminants that can cause catastrophic failure or significantly shorten equipment life.
“Routine fluid analysis can detect lubricant or equipment issues before major problems develop,” said
Bender. “Sampling the oil in a recently purchased used vehicle can give the new owner a better idea of the internal condition of the engine. Customer Service is also available to customers who have questions about their analysis report results.”


Testing and analysis ensure that equipment is up, running and making money.


Analysis results provide valuable sampling history documentation that justifies higher equipment resale values.

Top-Quality Fluid Analysis and Customer Service

Oil Analyzers provides accurate and easy to understand fluid analysis, timely reporting and an unparalleled commitment to customer service. OAI works with fully equipped laboratories
staffed by highly trained analysts and offers a complete line of oil analysis services to help customers get the most from their lubricants and extend the life of their equipment.


OAI provides personalized customer service. Reports are easy to understand and recommendations are included so customers know exactly what they should do to provide the best care for their equipment. OAI customer service representatives are available by phone and email to answer questions.


OAI fluid analysis is performed at independent ISO 17025 A2LA accredited testing laboratories. This is the highest level of quality attainable by a testing laboratory backed by the most stringent accrediting body in the industry. Customers can be confident that the results they receive are accurate, repeatable and traceable to a standard.


Oil Analyzers uses online reporting software to deliver oil analysis results almost immediately after sample processing is complete. Analysis reports are available through fax, email or online.
OAI provides a complete fluid analysis report detailing customer and equipment information, recommendations, elemental analysis, sample information, contaminantes and fluid properties. This information is critical in determining the integrity of both the lubricant and the equipment.

AMSOIL Commercial Accounts

Oil analysis is an invaluable tool for fleets, farmers, trucking companies, heavy equipment operators and other commercial accounts. Click here to set up your business as an AMSOIL commercial account
“Fluid analysis helps commercial accounts save money,” said Bender.
“Monitoring the condition of the oil allows the optimization of drain intervals. Checking System Cleanliness and filtration can help extend equipment life.
Combining bypass filtration available for all types of trucks and equipment along with used oil analysis can dramatically increase oil change intervals. Bypass filtration is the ultimate protection against wear by removing all dirt and particles larger than 2 microns. AMSOIL Bypass Filtration removes 98.7% of particles over 2 microns. Learn more about AMSOIL Bypass Filtration for your vehicles and equipment.

Your Servicing AMSOIL Dealer

As your AMSOIL Servicing Dealer we are happy to offer our extensive knowledge and experience with Oil Analysis and Bypass filtration. Our goals are to help you save money and downtime with your equipment as well as through the use of AMSOIL products increase performance, increase protection and increase equipment life.
If you are considering starting an Oil Analysis program for your company or your equipment, please get reach out to us. We can help you implement a program as well as give you recommendations on products, oil analysis intervals as well as interpretation of results.
Contact Michael Sparks, AMSOIL Direct Jobber today to learn more about Used Oil Analysis and Bypass Filtration