Just returning from the AMSOIL 45th Anniversary Convention and getting back to working at our AMSOIL business. It was a much needed break, but also a great time connecting with AMSOIL Inc corporate staff, other AMSOIL Dealers from across the US and Canada as well as learning about new products, and opportunities for dealers to help customers!
Prior to the convention we had been notified for months about “Something Big” coming that was going to be announced at the convention. Many wondered, many guessed but not one single person came up with what was presented.

AMSOIL’s 2018 “Something Big is Coming” announcement

During one of the presentations on friday dealers were presenting the problem. Getting Gear Lube from the bottle into the tiny holes of gear boxes on drivetrain and other equipment. Many people have tried to come up with solutions, the skinny round bottles you see in stores doesn’t work and makes about as much mess as anything. AMSOIL had been offering a “gear lube pump” for sale that can help get the product from the bottle to the gear box. That worked well as long as you remembered to order the pump, or if you already had a pump that it was in good working order. You see over time the pump would break down and quit working (I’m guessing because of the nature of oil and additives in gear lube)
Check out this testimonial:

An AMSOIL employee Matt Erickson was trying to replace the gear lube in his vehicle and discovered that his AMSOIL Gear Lube pump quit working. He tried various methods like making a hose and funny, and several other things. Secondly his was had the other car so he was stuck not being able to get out to the parts store. Then he came up with a though, “what if you could have gear lube in packaging that didn’t need a pump or one that was impossible to pour?” The idea hit him, what if you had gear lube come in a flexible pack that could be squeezed, something like a “capri sun” packaging?
Matt took the idea to corporate and they researched and developed something revolutionary in the gear lube market. The AMSOIL Easy-Pack for the Severe Gear line of products. These products are now available in 75w90 and 75w140 in the Easy-Pack packaging (product code SVGPK-EA and SVOPK-EA) also available in 12 count cases .
Learn more about the AMSOIL Severe Gear Easy-Pack

Key Features about the AMSOIL Severe Gear Easy-Pack packaging:

  • Less Mess
  • No need for additional items like funnels and pumps
  • Less waste (nothing worse than spilling $14/qt product on the ground)
  • resealable screw on top
  • puncture/tear  resistant
  • same pricing as quart bottles
  • available in 75w90 and 75w140 viscosities

The AMSOIL Severe Gear Lube in the Easy-Pack packaging is currently available from all distribution centers. Dealers are able to stock these items. It will be released on the AMSOIL website starting August 1st, 2018. Until then you will need to call an AMSOIL dealer to order the products. 
We will be linking to the product page when it becomes available.
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