The AMSOIL Business Opportunity Just Got Better

We are excited to see new changes and upgrades to the AMSOIL Dealer Opportunity. We’ve been AMSOIL Dealers since 2000 and have welcomed continuing upgrades in AMSOIL product lines and lubrication technologies
Now the AMSOIL Business opportunity has just gotten better! Many new AMSOIL Dealers get registered but few truly get started working the business. This new pricing level includes all dealer training, plus the ability to sample AMSOIL products will help those dealers become more excited about the potential income that is available to anyone who treats their AMSOIL business seriously.
We’ve worked hard over the years to provide training and marketing opportunities to our team. Now with AMSOIL’s outstanding dealer training available to all from the git go, new dealers will be able to have all the tools and training for success.
Lastly, we feel the slight increase in registration more differentiates the AMSOIL Business Opportunity from the Preferred Customer program. One of the best programs out there is the preferred customer program, which allows AMSOIL customers/enthusiasts  to receive discounted pricing, shipping discounts and access to the PC Rewards program. Preferred customers can still upgrade to dealer status at any times, but the pricing difference will help people determine if the business opportunity is right for them or if they should just choose the PC program.
Below are the details as spelled out in the Dealers zone announcement this month. If you have questions on deciding if the AMSOIL Business opportunity is right for you please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are in the process of updating all of our web pages to reflect this new and exciting AMSOIL Dealer Business Opportunity.
Effective Aug. 1, new AMSOIL Dealers will receive an upgraded Dealer Kit featuring the new Dealer Quick-Start Guide (G3472), a straight-forward, easy-to-read manual providing clear direction for starting and building their business. The kit also features product samples, allowing new Dealers to experience the benefits of AMSOIL products immediately so they can share their AMSOIL story with others.
The New Dealer Kit Includes:

Additionally, all new and existing AMSOIL Dealers will enjoy full access to the Premium Dealer Zone ($119.40 yearly value) and all levels of AU Online training ($25 yearly value) free of charge. New Dealers will also receive a 10 percent rebate on their first order ($1,000 max order/ $100 max rebate) if it is placed within the first 30 days of their registration. To help offset the cost of these improvements, Dealer fees will receive the following adjustments (taxes not included):

AMSOIL Dealer Registration Pricing for United States and Canada

U.S. Registrations: One year: $49.95*
Renewals: $49.95* -Auto Renew $40*/yr
Five Years: $200*
Canada Registrations: One year: $64.95**
Renewals: $64.95** – Auto Renew $50**/yr
Five Years: $250**
*With direct deposit or a reloadable Visa card.
**With direct deposit.
The six-month Dealership option will no longer be available. At registration, new U.S. Dealers will be able to choose direct deposit or the new option, a reloadable Visa card. Unfortunately, reloadable Visa cards are not an option in Canada. Paper checks will not be presented as an option. Existing Dealers who wish to continue receiving paper checks will be charged an additional $10 annually ($59.95 [$74.95 Can.] for a one-year renewal, $49.95 [$64.95 Can.] with auto-renew or $250 [$325 Can.] for a five-year renewal). Starting Aug. 1, a one-year promotion will allow existing Dealers who request a reloadable Visa card or enroll in direct deposit to renew for $30 ($40 Can.) one more time. Dealers currently enrolled in direct deposit are also eligible.

Paper Applications and Prepaid Dealer Starter Kits Discontinued

As part of the Dealership upgrade coming Aug. 1, additional confidential information is being collected at the time of new-Dealer registration. To help protect Dealers and new registrants, all registrations will be done online on our secure website and paper Dealer applications are discontinued. The prepaid Dealer Starter Kit (G07Y, G8007Y) will be discontinued effective July 5 in anticipation of the change. We will continue accepting paper applications from the field for a to-be-determined length of time.
It’s been said the best time to get started as an AMSOIL Dealer was 20 years ago. The next best time to get started is NOW! Working with a company like AMSOIL that is committed to outstanding products, with almost 50 years of synthetic lubrication leadership is a smart choice.
My question to you is what is stopping you from becoming an AMSOIL Dealer today?