Our personally owned Hustler Zero Turn Mower uses AMSOIL Synthetic Oil

We’re full on summer here in Tennessee with the heat and humidity making days stifling. As we drive around town we see many lawn and landscape companies driving around. Many of these companies have 2-3 large zero turn mowers as well as lots of small two-cycle equipment like weedeaters and blowers.
The constant heavy use combined with the high temperatures can take a toll on engines. Operating in high temperatures can lead to premature oil failure, and higher amounts of wear on engine. Engines can build up sludge and deposits which further exacerbates the heat issue.
ASE_Small_Engine_OilAMSOIL commercial duty small engine oil and Saber ATPProfessional 2 cycle oil is specifically developed to withstand the rigors of Lawn Care operations.
Premium AMSOIL synthetic lubricants help lawn and landscape professionals succeed by preserving the power of their equipment and extending equipment life, allowing them to work more efficiently and save money. Extensive equipment testing demonstrates the superior protection and performance
provided by AMSOIL SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil (ATP) and Formula 4-Stroke® 10W-30/SAE 30 Synthetic Small Engine Oil (ASE).
Two-Stroke Power Equipment Testing
Carbon buildup severely affects the performance of two-stroke lawn care equipment, causing stuck rings and plugged exhaust ports and screens. The end result is power loss, smoke, rough running and hard-starting that frustrates workers, increases the need for equipment maintenance, contributes to early equipment failure and hinders the ability to efficiently and profitably deliver
professional-looking lawns and grounds.
Outstanding Protection for Two-Stroke Power Equipment
Formulated with top-grade synthetic base oils, super-high lubricity and concentrated active cleaning agents, AMSOIL SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil (ATP) effectively combats carbon buildup, providing outstanding protection and peak performance for the life of the equipment, keeping it on the job and contributing to the bottom line.
Preventing Stuck Rings
Following 300 hours of professional-use testing in Stihl* string trimmers at the piston ringsmanufacturer mix ratio of 50:1, SABER Professional kept pistons and rings virtually free of carbon and wear (see the picture on the left), while use of a leading oil brand caused significant carbon buildup around the ring area (see the picture on the right). This engine is nearing the failure point.
 Fighting Exhaust-Port Plugging
Exhaust PortAfter 300 hours of simulated severe use while running SABER Professional, the exhaust-port on the left exhibited virtually no signs of blocking. In contrast, after 300 hours of simulated severe use while running a leading oil brand, the exhaust port on the right exhibited severe exhaust-port blocking. This engine barely idled at the end of the 300-hour test.
Preventing Spark Arrestor Screen Plugging
Exhaust gases flow through the spark arrestor screen (located directly on the Spark Arrestormuffler), which is prone to plugging. Using SABER Professional, the screen on
the left did not require cleaning following 300 hours of severe-service testing. In contrast, using a leading oil brand, the screen on the right plugged after only 45 hours of runtime and required repeated cleaning
throughout the test.
Four-Stroke Equipment Testing
Zero-turn mowers face high ambient temperatures that accelerate oil breakdown, leading to varnish and carbon deposits that stick rings and exhaust valves. This results in compression and power loss, smoke, increased maintenance and early equipment failure, all of which hinder efficiency and profitability.
Outstanding Protection for Zero-Turns and Other Four-Stroke Equipment
Valve GuidesFormulated with low-volatility synthetic base oils, a heat-stable additive system and concentrated carbon cleaners, AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke® Synthetic Small Engine Oil (ASE) effectively resists oil breakdown and damaging deposits, providing outstanding protection and peak performance for
the life of the equipment, maximizing productivity.
Preventing Exhaust Valve Sticking
Following 125 hours of severe-service testing in a Honda* 5 HP engine, Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic Small Engine Oil kept the valve guides in the engine pictured above left clean and functional. In contrast, using a leading oil brand, the engine pictured below left failed due to exhaust valve sticking. During engine disassembly, heavy deposits prevented test administrators from removing the valve.
Fighting Carbon Buildup
Keeping piston ring and land areas clean is critical to maintaining the powerclean piston
and performance of zero-turn mowers. Following 500 hours of severe-service
testing in the Kawasaki* FX 730 V engine, Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic Small Engine Oil kept pistons and rings virtually free of carbon and wear.
If you are a lawn care professional and would like to try these products in your equipment be sure to get registered for an AMSOIL Commercial Account.
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Using AMSOIL in your Lawn Mowers