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AMSOIL 0w40 European Synthetic Oil

AMSOIL has expanded its European Car Formula line to include a full-SAPS 0W-40 viscosity. Featuring the same premium synthetic formulation and recommended for the same specifications as European Car Formula 5W-40 Full-SAPS Synthetic Motor Oil (EFM), new European Car Formula 0W-40 Full-SAPS Synthetic Motor Oil (EFO) provides European vehicle customers with a different viscosity option.
European vehicle owner’s manuals typically require the motor oil meets a certain specification, but many list several viscosity options. Some manufacturers include temperature graphs to help customers choose a viscosity based on climate, but many customers prefer using lower viscosity oils in all environments. New AMSOIL European Car Formula 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil provides customers that lower viscosity option, and it is ideal for customers looking for a premium AMSOIL alternative to competing 0W-40 motor oils that carry European specifications.
Many European Car manufactures specify the 0w40 viscosity. Vehicles like BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VW call for this type of oil because of the added cold weather benefits as well as high speed driving that is typical of places like the German Autobahn. While it’s important to use the correct viscosity many manufactures have several viscosity grades to choose from depending on temperatures. Be sure to check your owners manual or use the AMSOIL Online vehicle lookup to find the best recommended motor oil for your European manufactured automobile.
More importantly though is that you understand the SAPS requirement for your car. SAPS stands for sulfated ash (SA), phosphorus (P), and sulfur (S). Sulfated ash is the by-product of metallic compounds as they are burned. Those compounds improve oil’s antioxidancy, anti-wear properties, engine cleanliness properties, and total base number (TBN). Phosphorus is a part of ZDDP and provides wear protection and antioxidant properties. Sulfur provides antioxidancy and anti-wear properties. SAPS makes up a significant portion of a motor oil’s additive content.
European Car formula motor oils are specifically designed to be used in European engines and therefore carry specifications such as Volkswagen, Renault, Mercedes Benz and BMW. Those specifications require testing using different methods than required by domestic vehicle requirements, and they define specific additive (SAPS) content categories.
Some emissions systems and after treatment devices, such as diesel particulate filters, are sensitive to the ash content in motor oils and require lower-SAPS formulations, such as European Car Formula 5W-40 Mid-SAPS (AFL) or European Car Formula 5W-30 Low-SAPS (AEL), to properly function for a long period of time. Many vehicles, however, are not equipped with diesel particulate filters that are sensitive to higher SAPS levels and are best protected by full-SAPS oils, such as European Car Formula 5W-40 Full-SAPS (EFM). The proper SAPS level for a vehicle is defined by the specifications from the vehicle manufacturer.
AMSOIL Online Application GuideUse the AMSOIL Online Vehicle Look-up Guide or contact us for the best application for your European Vehicle.
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