*Update. AMSOIL has recently dropped the Mothers Car Care Line of Products. Products available while supplies last or you can find Mothers products at mothers.com or you local retailer.
Recently had a chance to try out the Mother’s Clay Bar system for the first time. We have a 2009 Nissan Altima that normally gets waxed 2 times a year.
The Mother’s Clay Bar System is designed to:

  • Micro-clean the paint
  • Remove tree sap, bird droppings, and other environmental contaminants
  • Prepare paint for long lasting wax coating

In the video below you can watch us demonstrate the Mother’s California Gold Clay Bar system along with the Mothers FX line Synwax which is our preferred product for our daily drivers.


Mother's Products

Mother’s Products

As AMSOIL Dealers we are authorized to sell Mother’s products. AMSOIL customers enjoy the benefit of being able to purchase Mother’s care care products along with their AMSOIL orders to save on shipping and if they are wholesale buys they even can save more.
For more information visit the Mother’s Brand products in the AMSOIL Online Store
Don’t forget you can purchase your AMSOIL products at the same time as your Mother’s, Trico, Donaldson, NGK, and Wix products. AMSOIL is the one stop shop for all your vehicle and equipment care needs.
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