Recently received a used oil analysis results from one of my AMSOIL motorcycle customers. This customer was excited to see the excellent wear numbers on his 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 1000.
Quote from Chad:

I’m a gear head and I believe in using the performance I paid for. While I don’t abuse my engines, I don’t baby them. I run them hard and I am meticulous about maintenance. I’ve been using AMSOIL for years in my motorcycles, truck, and power equipment. I’ve never been disappointed.

Click below to read the oil analysis report on his motorcycle using AMSOIL 10w40 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

AMSOIL Oil Analysis 2012 NINJA 1000-110213

Oil Analysis tells a story and provides a working history of your equipment as well as the condition of your lubricant. By taking a periodic oil sample and having in analyzed you can determine the condition of the oil as well as how efficiently your engine is operating. Oil analysis can also sometimes help determine engine problems before they become catastrophic. Oil analysis can tell things like bearing issues, head gasket leaks, fuel system problems and more.

Oil Analysis Service Guide

Oil Analysis Service Guide

Consider taking an Oil Analysis on your valuable piece of equipment. Consider this an insurance policy! Download a free copy of our OA Testing Users Guide today.
To purchase Oil Analysis kits visit our online store.
When purchasing a new motorcycle, most manufactures recommend changing the “break in” oil at 600 miles service. After that time it’s a good idea to begin using your oil of choice. Choosing a top quality synthetic oil from the get go will insure that you have the highest engine protection as well as performance.
AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is specifically designed for superior performance and protection in all types of motorcycles, from single cylinder thumpers, v-twin motors, triples, in-line four cylinder motors and evenĀ  six-cylinder motors like the Honda Goldwing
Whatever kind of motorcycle you have, AMSOIL manufactures a viscosity for your engine.

In 2012 Eric Buell with EricBuellRacing (EBR) Motorcycles chose AMSOIL as the factory fill for both racing bikes and the new line of street motorcycles that are designed for high performance street riding.
By choosing AMSOIL synthetic motorcycle oil your engine will enjoy these features and benefits:
AMSOIL 10w40 Motorcycle Oil

AMSOIL 10w40 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

  • Reduces friction which in turn reduces heat, increases efficiency and increases horsepower
  • Enhanced gear protection for dual sumps. Transmissions shift smoother and run cooler
  • Superior Wet clutch protection. JASO MA/MA 2 wet clutch performance ensure that your bike will perform as designed
  • Advanced Rust Protection. Off season storage as well and infrequent riding can cause rust to develop inside motors. Rust is called the hidden killer of engines and in some cases causes wear, lost compression and blow-by. AMSOIL’s anti-rust package is the highest formulated additive package available for motorcycle engines.

AMSOIL motorcycle oils can be purchased factory direct by visiting the AMSOIL online store.
Wholesale pricing is available by becoming an AMSOIL preferred customer.
If you own a shop or other type of commercial business we have special programs for you. Visit our buy wholesale page to find out how to save 25-50% off of your AMSOIL lubrication and filtration products.

AMSOIL Buy Wholesale

AMSOIL Buy Wholesale