You believe you are using the best oil for your vehicles and equipment. After all, brand XYZ has great commercials on TV. But there is so much more to consider.
Watch the video below to understand how AMSOIL uses Oil Analysis to help their race teams get more out of their equipment and their oil. This, in turn, leads to better products for all AMSOIL users.

Len Groom, AMSOIL Technical Product Manager for AMSOIL Powersports division, helps each TORX race team driver understand what happens in an engine and how oil analysis can be interpreted for maximum performance.
If you are a racer or just a daily driver, consider taking an oil analysis to see exactly what is going on with your engine.
Oil analysis proves time and time again that AMSOIL outperforms the competition.
Be sure to read the new, Study of SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oils comparison available for download in PDF. This document proves that AMSOIL is “The First in Synthetics.”

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