They say that Mobil 1 is the Worlds Leading Synthetic Motor oil. This might very well be true. Mobil 1 has been around for almost as long as AMSOIL Synthetic Oil (1974 for Mobil 1.)

Mobil 1 1978 Ad

Mobil 1

Here is a copy from a magazine ad circa 1978. One would wonder if Mobil 1 was so great, why did they take away the 25,000 mile oil change recommendation? It was only recently that Exxon Mobil re-introduced “extended performance” with a 15,000 mile oil change recommendation. The point that I’m try to get at is that AMSOIL “The First in Synthetics” has never waivered from the the 25,000 mile oil change recommendation.
The biggest question in my mind is where are the rest of the products? We always hear how good Mobil 1 motor oil is and I’m sure it’s a great motor oil. But where is the rest of the Mobil 1 family?
With AMSOIL the list of high quality products seem almost exhaustive. From motor oils, transmission fluids and gear oils. To hydraulic, diesel oil, and Ea Filters. All AMSOIL products are made with the highest quality synthetic base stocks and additive packages. AMSOIL filters utilize a unique Ea absolute efficiency synthetic media.
Where else can you get such a choice of high quality products for so many applications? AMSOIL has got you covered.
Isn’t it time You Move Up to AMSOIL?
Move Up to AMSOIL

AMSOIL is “The First”

  • First to develop an API-rated 100 percent synthetic motor oil.
  • First to introduce the concept of “extended drain intervals” with a recommended 25,000-mile/1-year drain interval.
  • First U.S. company to utilize the NOACK volatility test as a standard of performance excellence.
  • First to produce synthetic motor oils for diesel engines, racing engines, turbo and marine engines.
  • First to introduce synthetic oils that legitimately contribute to improving fuel efficiency.
  • First to manufacture synthetic gear lube for automotive use.
  • First to manufacture a 100:1 pre-mix synthetic 2-cycle oil.
  • First to manufacture a synthetic automatic transmission fluid for automotive use.

Find the products for your vehicles or equipment use the AMSOIL online lookup guide or contact me directly for assistance.
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