So you are looking for AMSOIL products? The first problem that comes up is where do you find AMSOIL products? Most people looking for AMSOIL turn to the internet. They search for AMSOIL on Google or even go directly to the website. From there you can enter the AMSOIL online store and buy products directly from AMSOIL.
What happens when you buy your AMSOIL products directly from AMSOIL is that you are assigned an AMSOIL Dealer. In most  cases this won’t ever be a problem, but in some cases it’s nice to know who your AMSOIL Dealer is (They are making a commission from your sale after all). Maybe you will have a question or could have some product damage in shipment and would need to return or get a replacement. In these cases, your AMSOIL dealer can help you.
Since all AMSOIL products are sold through independent dealers and when you go to you are assigned a dealer. Therefore you should look for an AMSOIL dealers website that you would like to do business with. This could be someone you already know or are affiliated with. For instance, you frequent a certain message board and an AMSOIL dealer sponsors that board, then it would only make sense to give that business to that dealer so they can continue to help by spending their advertising dollars with said message board.

Another way to find an AMSOIL dealer is to look local. Sometimes you can find a dealer in your own town. This is sometimes helpful if they stock the products you need. I’ve had customers call me that needed one or 2 quarts of something. This would help you with the shipping costs as they normally order several cases at a time.
Lastly you could find a serious AMSOIL dealer like myself and contact them regarding an order. A serious AMSOIL dealer has been to company training events, they are available and knowledgeable about the products and how to best serve you the customer. Finding a serious dealer could be a difficult process sometimes, as most AMSOIL dealers are “part-time”. They work at the business in their off time.
When searching for a dealer to do business with, you can take a look at their website to find out if they are serious. Look for the “about” page as well as a “contact me” page. One thing to stay away from is a dealer website that doesn’t have a name or location. AMSOIL dealers are required to have on their website their name and “independent dealer” as well as where they are located.
If you are reading this you have come across the website of Michael Sparks. I have been an AMSOIL dealer since 1999. As a serious AMSOIL dealer I attend training events, consistently learn about lubrication fundamentals and how to help my customers get the most out of AMSOIL. As a registered dealer I am authorized to sell AMSOIL products in the United States and Canada as well as Puerto Rico. AMSOIL products sold outside of those areas are handled by AMSOIL Inc international sales department.
As you can see finding an AMSOIL dealer to work with is easy. If you are reading this, you found him. I would love to become your servicing AMSOIL dealer.  As your servicing AMSOIL dealer I promise to provide the highest level of customer service, the best pricing and delivery and a most enjoyable AMSOIL experience.
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