Answers To Common Questions Regarding AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils:
Q. I just bought a new car, and I’d like to try AMSOIL motor oil. Could using AMSOIL motor oil void my new car warranty?

A. Absolutely not. Vehicle manufacturers recommend using motor oils meeting certain viscosity grades and American Petroleum Institute service requirements. Whether the motor oil is petroleum-based or synthetic will not affect warranty coverage. The manufacturer is required to cover all equipment failures it would normally cover as long as the oil meets the requirements and was not the cause of the failure. AMSOIL motor oils exceed these requirements. Even so, AMSOIL has its own limited warranty, protecting you even further. In addition, the federally mandated Magnuson-
Moss Act states that a manufacturer may not require the use of a specific brand of aftermarket product unless it’s provided free of charge.
*Note: If a car dealership, service center or other business states that using AMSOIL motor oil will void your new car warranty, ask for that statement in writing and send it to AMSOIL Technical Services. If the business won’t provide the statement in writing send AMSOIL Technical Services a letter identifying who made the statement, the name and location of the business and what the specific statement was. AMSOIL will then send a letter to the business informing them that their position is inaccurate, and, in fact, violates existing law. Your name will be held in confidence.

Q. What’s the difference between conventional petroleum motor oils and synthetic motor oils?
A. Conventional petroleum oils are refined from crude oil, which is pumped from within the earth. The refining process, however, does not remove many of the impurities inherent in the crude oil. These impurities detract from the lubricating ability of the oil and contribute to deposit, sludge and varnish
formation. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are constructed in the laboratory and contain no impurities. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils have uniform molecular structures and are designed for specific lubricating applications.
They are not as easily affected by the high temperatures or demanding operating conditions of modern engines.

Q. I was always told to change my oil every 3,000 miles if I wanted to properly maintain my vehicle. How is it possible to drive 25,000 miles without an oil change using AMSOIL synthetic motor oil?
A. Most AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are guaranteed to run 25,000 miles or one year in mechanically sound engines in normal service; 15,000 miles or one year in severe service. In fact, some AMSOIL diesel oils carry drain interval recommendations of up to 50,000 miles. AMSOIL coined the phrase “extended drain interval” and it’s been validated by nearly 40 years of industry testing and by tens of thousands of motorists and millions of over-
the-road miles.

AMSOIL synthetic motor oils provide extended-drain performance because they don’t break down in heat like conventional petroleum oils do. AMSOIL motor oils are  formulated to prevent the formation of  performance-robbing deposits and resist volatilization (burn off), which alters viscosity and increases oil consumption. Finally, AMSOIL motor oils’ superior additive packages, a key element in the oil’s ability to function, holds up under engine stresses, remaining serviceable for the full recommended drain interval.

Q. AMSOIL motor oil costs more than my regular oil does. How can I justify paying this higher cost?
A. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are more expensive off the shelf than most petroleum oils, but comparing AMSOIL and other motor oils is like comparing apples and oranges. AMSOIL motor oils are designed to deliver enhanced performance and extended drain intervals, justifying any initial higher cost. AMSOIL offers premium products that rightfully command a
premium price.

Like anything of real value, however, the true consumer cost doesn’t end with the purchase price. AMSOIL motor oils are extremely  cost-effective compared to conventional 3,000-mile drain interval oils in savings realized in fuel economy, reduced repairs, fewer oil changes, reduced downtime, reduced maintenance and extended engine life.

Q. I bought a new car a year ago, and I’ve been running petroleum motor oil in  it ever since. Could switching to AMSOIL motor oil now cause mechanical problems?
A. Switching from petroleum oil to AMSOIL synthetic motor oil is perfectly safe. AMSOIL API rated products are 100% compatible with other synthetic and conventional based products.

Q. Can I mix AMSOIL synthetic motor oil with my petroleum oil?
A. Yes, you can. There is no danger in mixing AMSOIL motor oil with another brand. However, a conventional petroleum oil will detract from the superior performance of AMSOIL motor oil.

Q. Should oil additives or aftermarket products be added to AMSOIL motor oils?
A. No, you don’t need them. AMSOIL motor oils are formulated under the strictest quality control standards to provide superior lubrication performance. Additives cost money and only detract from the quality of
AMSOIL motor oils.

Q. What benefits can people expect using AMSOIL motor oils?

A. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils have demonstrated improved performance and fuel economy, reduced oil consumption, lower repair costs, easier cold-temperature starts, increased engine life and reduced emissions.
When using AMSOIL you can expect to see a 5-10% increase in fuel economy, temperature reductions as much as 50 degrees (when comparing to petroleum oil) and drain intervals up to 5 times longer.
The overall economy savings with AMSOIL proves that AMSOIL products cost less in the long  run.

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