As we posted here, AMSOIL Performance Improver is a potent fuel system cleaner. AMSOIL P.i. has shown up to 5.7 percent fuel economy increase on just one tank.

The Money back guarantee for AMSOIL Performance Improver (P.i.) is no longer offered. You can still enjoy the benefits of a smoother running engine, better fuel economy and higher performance out of your gasoline engines.

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Now AMSOIL is offering a money back guarantee to prove that AMSOIL PI works!
AMSOIL Performance Improver "P.i."
AMSOIL money-back guarantee on the Performance Improver fuel economy benefits. If a customer does not see fuel economy improvement in his or her vehicle after first-time use of P.i., AMSOIL will refund the purchase price of the product. The P.i. money-back guarantee begins March 1 and is good through May 31. It is open to everyone, including Dealers, Preferred Customers, retail customers, catalog customers, commercial and retail accounts.
How to calculate your fuel economy.

  1. Fill your tank
  2. Reset the trip meter.
  3. Drive vehicle several hundred miles
  4. Refill the tank.
  5. Take the number of miles driven divided by the number of gallons at that fill up.

For instance, you fill your tank. Then drive 250 miles. Then you refill your tank and add 13.8 gallons of fuel.  250/13.8=18.1 miles per gallon.
You can do this over several tanks to get an average. You can also tell if you fuel mileage improves or goes down.
Want Better Fuel Mileage?
8 tips that could help you increase your fuel economy 5-10%.

  1. Keep your tires properly inflated. Check owners manual for recommended pressure.
  2. Reduce excess weight of your vehicles. Don’t carry around unneeded items in your trunk. The less weight the better your fuel economy. 1% increase.
  3. Accelerate gently from stops. 1-2% increase.
  4. Keep your engine Tuned up. Up to 5% increase.
  5. Avoid Excessive idling. ( Don’t warm your car in the winter, or leave it running when stopped for errands) Don’t use the “drive-thru”.
  6. Don’t Speed, driving over the speed limit contributes to increased fuel use.
  7. Use an injector cleaner to keep your injectors and intake valves clean. 2-5% increase. Amsoil P.I. (performance Improver) 1 bottle treats up to 160 gallons.
  8. Use synthetic lubricants like AMSOIL in your vehicles to include Engine Oil, Transmission oil and gear box. 5-10% increase. (3-5% just for engine oil).

A 5% increase in Fuel mileage at $2.50 per gallon is like saving 12 cents on each gallon at the pump. This could add up to a real savings in a year.
AMSOIL Pi is recommended every 4,000 miles. If you drive 12,000 miles per year you will need 4 bottles of P.I. If you drive 16,000 miles per year you will need 5 bottles. If you own 2 or more vehicles, order a case and save!

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AMSOIL Buy Wholesale

Michael Sparks-AMSOIL Dealer / Direct Jobber