In a recent post, we talked about the introduction / reintroduction of the EAO filters for certain auto applications. This new introduction is labeled as the EA15K, which reduces the recommended oil change to 15,000 miles instead of the original 25,000 mile filter interval.
To understand more about the reasons for the Ea15K introduction, AMSOIL has released a power point video. Take a look at this video
In the PowerPoint you will:

  • Why AMSOIL Introduced the Ea15K filters
  • Which filters were Affected/Reintroduced
  • Oil Filter Service life/Identity
  • Warranty and answer a few common questions

Vehicle manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to provide fuel efficient vehicles that produce fewer emissions than their predecessors. Government mandates require automakers to meet specific fuel efficiency and emissions or face steep penalties.

AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters

AMSOIL EaO Oil Filters Absolute Efficiency

To meet the demand for reduced emissions, OEMs are applying a number of methods, including exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). EGR works by recycling a small amount of spent exhaust gas back into the combustion chamber. Side-effects of EGR include less-efficient combustion, increased temperatures and increased acids; all of which add to the oil filter’s workload.
Smaller sump sizes, some historically sludgy engines and smaller filter sizes, combined with increased contaminants in the engine oil, present a serious challenge to filtration engineers.
EaO  Oil Filters
Designated for 25,000 mile intervals. Black Labeled filter/Black & White Box.
Ea15K Oil Filters
Designated for 15,000 mile intervals. Blue labeled filter/Blue & White Box.

Q – Are the filtration properties of 15,000‐mile Ea Oil Filters the same as those of the 25,000‐mile Ea Oil Filters?
A – Yes. AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters still incorporate the same superior synthetic media designed to remove smaller, wear‐causing contaminants regardless of their service‐life recommendation. This means you get the exact same EaO filter media with a 98.7% efficiency at 15 microns with just a shorter drain interval.

Q – Does AMSOIL anticipate adding to the 15,000‐mile line of Ea Filters or reducing the recommendation for other Ea Filters to 15,000 miles?
A – Research indicates that there should be no need to further change remaining EaO filters into Ea15k filters.  AMSOIL realizes the value of the 25,000‐mile filter program for Dealers and customers and plans to continue this program moving forward.

Q – Of the 11 new 15,000‐mile Ea Filters, can any still be purchased as 25,000‐mile Ea Filters?
A – No. None of the Ea Oil Filters included in this change are available for 25,000‐mile service intervals. All other AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters will remain 25,000‐mile oil filters.

For more information about the AMSOIL EaO15K Oil Filters contact Michael Sparks- AMSOIL Dealer/Direct Jobber.