Many applications these days are done in a sensitive environmental areas.  This necessitates the need for equipment to use lubricants that are more environmentally friendly.

AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil


One area that companies can help reduce the environmental impact is with Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil’s. Bio oils have the ability to degrade rapidly when exposed to light, water and microbial activity.
Many companies are jumping on the “green” bandwagon by offering biodegradable hydraulic oils. Companies like Caterpillar with their BIO HYDO, Mobil with their EAL 224H, Dow and it’s SYMBIO Bio-hydraulic Fluid and many other companies.
In the past AMSOIL has offered is TBI hydraulic oil which was a great product. Currently with new research and technologies currently available AMSOIL has decided to upgrade it’s biodegradable hydraulic oils to take advantage of the new technology.
We are pleased to introduce AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil (BHO)

AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil (BHO) is a premium performance hydraulic oil designed to biodegrade when subjected to sunlight, water and microbial activity. Manufactured with a high quality blend of oleic vegetable oils and customized synthetic esters, it meets the U.S. Federal bio-based procurement guidelines as defined in Section 9002 of the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 (FSRIA).

AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil exhibits high biodegradability and low aquatic toxicity, along with superior oxidative stability, low temperature performance and outstanding results in laboratory and extended duration pump testing. It contains anti-oxidants that ensure long oil life and foam inhibitors that promote problem-free operation. It is hydrolytically stable and ideal for use where water contamination is a problem.

Carefully designed additives help prevent pump wear and protect critical components from rust. AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil meets the stringent Vickers M-2950-S and I-286-S hydraulic oil specifications.

AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil is recommended for stationary and mobile applications using gear, vane and piston hydraulic systems operating under high pressure and temperatures up to 180°F. It should also be used where high biodegradability and low aquatic toxicity are desired. Typical Biodegradable Hydraulic applications include construction, logging and farming equipment, lawn and turf care or anywhere leaking, spills or ruptured hydraulic lines may present an environmental hazard.

AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil is compatible with most synthetic and petroleum based hydraulic oils. However, to ensure proper performance, it is recommended systems be drained and flushed prior to installing AMSOIL BHO.

AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil features:

  • Vickers M-2950-S, I-286-S
  • 95% Biodegradable (CEC L-33-T-93)
  • Low Aquatic Toxicity
  • Thermally and Hydrolytically Stable
  • Resists Oxidation
  • Outstanding Wear Protection
  • Anti-Rust and Anti-Foam Protection

For more information view the AMSOIL Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil Page
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