AMSOIL Introduces two new greases this year, the Synthetic Polymeric Off Road grease #1 and #2; as well as the Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis, and Equipment Grease #1 and #2.
These revolutionary synthetic greases will outperform conventional and synthetic greases due to the proprietary polymeric technology. These greases were designed to stay in place, resist pound-out, provide a protective seal keeping water and dirt out while keeping the lubricating base oil’s in place longer.
Pound-Out Resistance
The repetitive pounding action of everyday operation puts severe strain on equipment pivot points, causing inferior greases to pound out of place. When pound-out occurs, there is no base oil to provide proper separation
of metal components, leading to increased wear, and no seal to keep water and abrasive contaminants out, leading to rust, corrosion, pitting and component failure. AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Grease effectively resists
pound-out and keeps equipment properly lubricated during extreme-pressure shock-loading and high-impact operation.

Watch the video on the Testing of AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric grease vs the competition. Greases that failed: Caterpillar Ultra 5 Moly, CONOCO PHILLIPS XD5, Bobcat Supreme HD, Case Moly Grease, Valvoline Palladium. Get the best protection for your heavy equipment with AMSOIL Heavy Duty Grease.

Water Washout and Contaminant Ingress


AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Offroad Grease

Grease in heavy equipment is often subjected to environmental contaminants, including water. When inferior grease is exposed to water, it presents major potential for washout, or grease washing off the equipment
components. This not only increases metal-to-metal contact and wear, but also the potential for rust and corrosion. AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Grease has exceptional adhesion and cohesion properties, allowing it to remain in place during wet operation and cleaning. It also provides one of the best water washout test (ASTM D1264) values in the industry (1%), effectively protecting metal components from the harmful effects
of water contamination.

By providing superior sealing ability, AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Grease also overcomes problems created through contaminant ingress, actively deterring abrasive contaminants from entering pivot joints and providing
better seal protection, maximizing equipment life.

AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease is designed to provide superior lubrication, protection and extended service intervals for virtually all off-road equipment grease points, including heavily-loaded pivot points, bushings, articulation points, machine implements, universal joints, driveline grease points, equipment wheel bearings and other grease-lubricated components.
Long Service Life

AMSOIL Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease

Most trucking companies work to maximize the amount of time tractors are on the road, and inferior greases are not engineered to perform over extended service intervals. The long intervals truckers demand can result in components being left unprotected because the grease has squeezed out of place. AMSOIL Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease is engineered to remain intact for maximum protection over extended service intervals. Owners/operators can be assured their equipment is protected when the job demands additional time on the road between maintenance checks.
Superior Rust and Corrosion Protection
Over-the-road trucks and commercial equipment operate in all types of weather. Water, snow and ice are encountered regularly, and they combine with salt and other road-deicing chemicals to promote accelerated rust and corrosion on chassis and fifth-wheel components. AMSOIL Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease clings tenaciously to metal surfaces, helping to keep rain, snow and other corrosive contaminants from penetrating greasable components. It is formulated with an advanced additive package designed to combat the harmful effects of roadway contaminants, helping components last longer and saving fleets money.
Reduced Environmental Impact
Less-tenacious greases are ejected from greased components and pollute the surrounding environment. AMSOIL Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease is formulated to stay in place for long service intervals, resulting in less grease pollution and reduced grease consumption. In addition, AMSOIL Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease is formulated without the use of barium, chlorine, antimony or sulfur, which are all potentially harmful to the environment.

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