Welcome GIE+ Expo Friends. 


We’re so sad that we didn’t get to see you again this year in Louisville. We are hopeful that we can be at 2021 expo!


We’ve created this special page just for you, our Green Industry Friends! We’re glad you stopped by to check us out. If you are not familiar with AMSOIL please feel free to look around our website. AMSOIL products have proven performance and protection for your hard working equipment. AMSOIL formulates the highest quality lubricants and filters on the market Bar None!

We assume if you are checking this page out that you are a business owner. If that is the case you most likely will qualify for one of our Factory Direct Business Accounts. If you are a service business that would be a Commercial Account. If you have a shop or a store you will most likely want a Retailer Accounts (We call this Retail-On-The-Shelf or ROTS for short)

Many people in the green industry look for other ways to earn money especially during the slow season. In that case, an AMSOIL Distributorship might be what you are looking for. Being an AMSOIL Dealer involves selling products to customers, registering factory direct accounts and most importantly having fun! Many AMSOIL dealers are “gear heads” involved in all types of motorsports and powersports.  Helping people go fast is what we do! Anyone can become an AMSOIL Dealer and work the business in conjunction with their full time jobs or business. The AMSOIL Business opportunity is the perfect sidle hustle for anyone in the green industry!


You can also request a free catalog to look over our extensive product line of lubricants, filters and related products. We’ll put one in the mail to you ASAP.

Click Here to Request a Free Catalog


Recently AMSOIL has included an account wizard that helps someone decide which wholesale account would be best for them.

There are 4 types of accounts available to choose from: AMSOIL Dealer, AMSOIL Preferred Customer, Commercial Account and Retail on the Shelf/Installer account.

An AMSOIL dealer is someone who wants to take advantage of the business opportunity as an Independent Distributor of the products.

An AMSOIL Preferred customer gets a great discount off of retail plus earns PC Perks. I equate this program to a membership site like Sam’s Club, Costco etc.

Commercial Accounts are businesses that have vehicles and equipment.

Retailers/Installers are current businesses that have a brick and mortar location where people can purchase or bring their vehicles in for service.

Check out the AMSOIL Wholesale Program Wizard to see which type of account is right for you.